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If you guyss have been reading my posts…you must be familiar with my believe in accepting the situatuons…the problems…and everything around us!!

But the question is that we all know this but still don’t follow it …why?

Ever wondered???

Today I was sitting in my open balcony which has all the plants and surrounded by trees where I can feel the cool air after rain..the sweet transcend smell of the holy soil .Now this is the background which made me think about the so called a big question for me…that why we don’t simply accept.

And the answer is just one line.


What according to you makes things difficult to be accepted??

And for me nature is the biggest source of inspiration to learn the lesson of acceptance💖

Thinking your life as all roses….will hurt you when the thorns arrive…but otherwise..the roses will simply surprise you💛

Accepting is just agreeing what things really are!!

Then why do we need to live in denial when we know the truth!


8 responses to “WHAT MAKES IT DIFFICULT…”

  1. Excellent post and so true, Ayushi. Expectations often lead way to disappointments. I personally choose to not hold expectations outside of myself so that in this way I am pleasantly surprised. ❤️

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    1. thats the way one shud live….❣❤

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  2. Lines of wisdom, Ayushi. A beautiful post!

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    1. 😁❤thanks for appreciation

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  3. That’s a really great way to put something that I think is really importqnt. Like there are all these expectations we internalise from friends and family and society that really colour the way we experience things.

    I really love you being able to meaningfully condense that idea to ‘expecting makes accepting difficult”.

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    1. thanks a lot for appreciation❤❣

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  4. Acceptance leads you to truth, and no one ever wants to face the truth. That’s why it’s hard to accept the things as they are. It’s even hard to accept your own flaws. It can be put it in any context, all of them will lead you to truth, And it’s hard to accept the truth. I recently published an article related to this topic, but it’s primarily based on the idea of “reflection” and “act”. You can check that out here –
    But coming back to your point, acceptance needs humility to happen, but today there are more people who are egotistic, arrogant, and narcissist. It’s a hard practice in this age and it’s rare – a fact we have to accept.


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