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A little appreciation!

In some situations just surviving through it is a victory itself!!

Feel proud to pass…no medals and certificates are required to prove your strength and patience…your life is a living proof of it!!

Because many a times it is much easier to die…but extremely difficult to live!!

And if you are here…Hurray you are rocking it champ…as living is not what all can afford!!

Stick to it..keep going on..take breaks..cry…laugh…sit …dance…do whatever you want..but go on!! Because you never know what is waiting for you… make all this worth it!!

You are already doing the best you be proud.

Remember…You are the BEST …..the way YOU ARE!!

And always believe…



9 responses to “A little appreciation!”

  1. Great motivation, Ayushi. So true.❤️

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    1. thanks a lot dear✌

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      1. Truly my pleasure.❤️

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  2. Inspiring!!! Much needed for me right now. 🤝

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      1. You are nailing it Ayushi! A motivation for so many!

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        1. thanks a lot kavya dear❤✌


    1. happy to hear that💛✌


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