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My alltime buddy

From school to coaching amd coaching to shop,

I had with me, a friend to run,walk and hop.

We were together in school, classes and on the way,

already we knew how was each other’s day.

She was just another person who was a replica of me,

me being sad was one thing that she could not see.

Reaching a little late and assingments not done,

even the scoldings together seemed too much fun.

A new mischief everday , examining things on the way,

we were always found together April , March or May.

The code words and the neveresnding secret talk,

I still cherish our long roadside evening fun walk.

For my whole life , I will definately miss her and all her trait,

Although daily after the sessions , for her I had to wait.

Her smile could manage almost all the problems,

she is in my life a tree full of beautiful blossoms!

Dedicated to VARNIKA❤


7 responses to “My alltime buddy”

  1. Such a cute and playful poem! Really takes me back to my time in school ^^,

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    1. this was to remind ppl that going back in the memories to feel happy is really good..

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      1. Yeah, definitely! =)

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  2. How cute!! The rhyming bis just perfect ❤️❤️. It’s a blessing bro have a friend like this 😍😍

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  3. Great piece, Ayushi. Love the flow.❤️

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