Death without dying..!?
you must be thinking, I am lying.

But how do I tell you,
that its really true,
the dreadful thoughts out of the blue.

Something’s eating me up,
still when someone asks me ssup?
I reply with happiness pumped up,
and do cheer with the cup.

Its been long ,hiding all inside,
because I just cannot decide,
that whom to trust, and sit beside,
and speak all that is in my heart abide.

The thudding in the already heavy heart of mine,
is taking away far all my face and life’s shine,
I am not happy whether I  sit to study or to dine,
I can just say that I need a help from the divine.

People think it to be just a matter of thought, 
but they dont know that it really hurts a lot,
for me now real happiness is very costly bought,
which I definately cannot even think to afford.

Life seems to be a burden,
things feel very uncertain,
at the back of the curtain.

Your task is to avoid almost all the people,
no matter, you have to climb the steeple.

You become a world class mason,
building walls for your private station,
believing to never attain salvation.
in negetive way goes all ur derivation.

The words,the hurts,
the cuts ,the wounds
the thoughts of being doomed.
The blames,the shames,
the broken trusts and the baloon of patience bursts.
the patience ends,
the emotion it sends,
and the pain it blends,
can never be felt,
unless personally dealt.
Just know this all, it isn’t any easy,
it can drive one all mad and crazy.


  1. That was so beautifully written like directly from heart..
    I don’t know if it was an inspiration or an experience but everyone tends to hide behind the curtains only the strengths peeking through the holes, the wounds, the blood, the burnt, the insecurities well hidden by the silk cloth of curtain to not make someone suspicious..
    No trust as it was broken..
    No heart warming smiles as they were torn..
    But you need to understand that the wounds, the blood, the burnt are depictions of the wars you won..


  2. The only help from divine is your own confidence because trust is often broken but not self worth..
    The patience needs to be thickened, the walls around the heart broken so as to live even after dying👍👍

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      1. It could be nice, but definitely it will takes some time to digest..It’s not as easy as we says, that too I knew..
        But we have too, when life gives us burdens, we need to show back that it won’t affect us..

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