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Not only climbers need support!!

All problems need not be solved, but shared,

just the person with it should be a little cared,

but has there been someone who even dared,

to help the person in need to get repaired.

Unless we think its the dead end,

unless the person is totally bend,

we dont anyway bother to mend,

the problems of our child or friend.

Believe the issues that can’t be seen,

so just dont even unknowingly act mean ,

and try to help these people to atleast clean,

the huge heap of mess on their mental screen.

Simply tell them to,

Jott their hard poignant feelings down,

but dont settle anyway with that frown.

Meet the people around or be a clown,

but save your hearts before it drown.

There are many heavy hearts drowned deep,

eventhough we have the place for it to keep.

The journey will definately be very steep,

so prepare yourself to be strong and do weep.

Crying doesnt make you fragile,

it can be your own style,

to deal with your joy’s exile,

to walk one more mile.

4 responses to “Not only climbers need support!!”

  1. A beautifully written inspiring poem.

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  2. Great piece, Aayushi. Wonderful!❤️

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