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Lets smile** up things!!

The dark days , the dull nights ,

dont let our minds be quiet.

Often with ourselves we fight ,

to know the wrong and the right.

We hold on the emotions too tight,

that atlast we fall like a cut kite.

So somtimes let go of things for a while,

coz life is too short to be fragile,

and its not possible to live under a pile,

therefore from now on go on with a smile.


15 responses to “Lets smile** up things!!”

  1. Thats too beautiful..
    You could just relate it to “Tomorrow is a dream”..
    It’s a proverb which everyone hears but some understand..
    You don’t know what tomorrow holds so loosen yourself because you never know what life holds..
    It’s so uncertain so let the bad things be and cherish the beauty..
    Because you never know if tomorrow is there..

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  2. Good one. Keep it up.

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  3. Superb

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  4. Dr. Amol Shiromany avatar
    Dr. Amol Shiromany

    Well drafted… are super talented….keep it up.

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  5. Well said dear Ayushi. 👏👏

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    1. thanks a lot for reading✌


  6. Wonderful piece, Ayushi. Loved it!❤️

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  7. Everytime I read life is short, I feel too sad for the way I’ve been living it

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    1. there is absolutely no time to start living right…even if it is ur last breath! u always have a time to change things

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