Motivation might be a myth…but demotivation hits hard my dear!!

So if you cannot motivate someone…its okay..perfectly fine….but never ever demotivate someone even unknowingly…because you never know how harsh it could be..and what might be the consequence!!

When you motivate …you prepare a base for another pillar….but when you demotivate…you are actually destroying the existing pillar!!

Be constructive…not destructive!!


    1. Ayushi Gupta says:

      yeah..i have experianced this…so i really wanted every1 to know that this is really very bad!

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  1. Well said! But sadly few don’t realise that.

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  2. True words, deae!

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  3. So true.. but I believe I getting thgs done anyway.. feelings aside it’s like a war between me and those dark feelings and I cannot let them win

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    1. Ayushi Gupta says:

      hmm…yaa thats really important

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  4. The Crew says:

    Always lift people up. Tell them they can. If you’ve found some success in life, it’s often because of a teacher, coach, or friend that stayed with you and saw your potential.

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    1. Ayushi Gupta says:

      exactly…sometimes we can build the success with a hard working motivated mind…but being demotivated will stop u from working…n subsequently…no success ..!!

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  5. KK says:

    I agree. True words 👌👌

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