A code word story!

Disclaimer- This is written code words…u might not understand a few things..but u r allowed to assume what u think…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Read on your own risk!

This is a poem pending since last one year,

always arises in my mind, a future without her, fear.

This story has a feeling which is really difficult to share ,

about a girl , a friend who in this world is extremly rare.

She is the one, infront of whom I can spill all out ,

with no stress and absolute no piece of doubt.

No rules, no regulation , nothing to worry about,

This girl, guyss is worth a loud shout out.

Hours on call for any kind of problem of mine ,

I dont know how but she always have a solution divine.

While talking to each other we have nothing to hide ,

everything is quite transparent, even the darkest side.

The stupid plans that we made , actually worked,

and executing those was a thing we perked.

Cycling at a far off place , and pretending to do it in a race,

laughing out loud and hiding our face, such was our stupid fun case.

Finding out the little informations and forwading the snap,

this all was included in our mission, to look back and recap.

The tonic was too toxic…the greatest slang I created,

and the exact opposite were the things always that we stated.

The song choices that always contradicted,

each other’s likes that were always evicted.

Me being your text author,

and our dreams’s slaughter,

This was the great story of our stupidity,

and the inability of our’s hearts’s agility.

Dedicated to – πŸ’–πŸΆπŸŒž


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