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A painting of theory

I made this painting today….

It is about the world having all the different colours…🟣🔵🟢🟡🟠🔴

All the scenarios are there…for is dark..while for the other it is a full sun like opportunity!!…🌑🌠🔆

There are blessings being showered on us..just like the white flakes…❄❄

And all of us…are like the trees…who had w pure white roots..but with the changing time, a black ugly behavior is taken on…but yet…we all have that good within us…somewhere behind the dark….and each one of matter where and what..we all are connected at some point…🔲❗

And at last…our heart has it all..💖💯


7 responses to “A painting of theory”

  1. Thats beautiful and creative .

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    1. thanks a lot for appreciating the effort…have a grt day💫

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          1. Beautifully beautiful 💞

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    1. thanks a lot😇😍


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