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Sometimes we are pushed to be more social if we are happy alone.!

While some are told to be conservative n not to indulge in people if they like so..

But my point is that why are we bent on tutoring others about how to be .

Some of us talk to others to be feel better… be light…while others be away from people to be at peace …be comfortable.

There is nothing wrong in being an introvert or an extrovert ..coz everyone have thier own boundaries and heights…

Some find themselves with people while others loose their own self in the crowd.!!.

If u like gatherings..talking to groups and enjoy in mob…then thats ur kind of social heart…n if u love being alone on ur sofa and solo is ur style then just enjoy ur calming solitude.

Both of these natures are a real bliss💖 to their respective owners**

One shud respect the choice of every indivisual out there💯

Nothing is wrong…give ur heart the freedom to choose..what u like how u like n which way u like●●》》♡


8 responses to “SOCIAL vs ANTI SOCIAL…”

  1. Beautiful poem! ✨🧡 it is really a blessing to remain who you truly are!

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. 👍
    Being social or solo is purely depend on the individual. Great post ❤️

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    1. thanks for reading💫


  3. Beautiful 💞💞

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