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Peep out!!

Keep finding a window …an escape…a wanted path..

it will always help you to bear with the reality.

Have a world of your own….in your your dairy..or in your mind…a dreamland…a perfect evening…or a lovely morning!!

Step out of the harsh realities sometimes…to be pampered by the tender imagination.

Sleep in the bed of roses for a while to take a rest while moving on the thorny road.


11 responses to “Peep out!!”

  1. Yss, we hv to imagine sometimes, to escape from reality, to feel more cheerful like before

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    1. yeahh…exactly my point!!


      1. Speechless💟

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  2. That’s a sweet thing…. ❤️❤️

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    1. i guess…it is really important!

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  3. Wow! Beautiful lines 👌👌

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