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The pillar of lovely nani❤

Its my nani who in all my times with me participate,

its her all the morals and habbits that I inculcate.

All my school meetings , my cooking sessions , story time ,

in all these moments my granny was the prime.

We know each other’s types and like,

actually we both are a lot alike.

Her experiances are a lesson for me ,

she is one who the most adores me.

I have been living with her since i was a child,

she can read my face loud or mild.

The food that she cooks is amazing,

I really appriciate her charm which is blazing.

Her saree is my favorite cushion and headrest ,

she is the real caring and love’s chest.

I drank and ate from her hand ,

and all these memories i have canned!

All these years are for me a blessing ,

and thus with them I m and will be obsessing.


5 responses to “The pillar of lovely nani❤”

  1. So nicely written Ayushi!

    Liked by 1 person

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