THE MERCHANT OF VENICE …a human thesaurus!!

We can find people like Shylock who have hatred and anger which they can justify;

a few Antonios who in confidence invites the trouble for the friendship they glorify.

So many Bassanio in line who can spend everything they have and get ready to gather ;

a less count of people posing prowess of Portia, and even less to compete the wisdom of her father.

A few have good luck to find a friend like Nerissa -who for all ur breakings can be a tape;

Number of Lorenzo and Jessica ready to escape– finding comfort in each other’s shape.

Many really funny– and now the word funny reminds me only of Launcelot’s silly word cheat;

Β A group of Morocco to risk at look, followed by people like Aragon in whose heart pride beat .

Continuous speech of Gratiano–a common sight of talking heap;

Β Few friends like Salanio, Salarino and others to peep .

Such is the great diverse world around ,

all characters just in one book bound!!

25 responses to “THE MERCHANT OF VENICE …a human thesaurus!!”

  1. M touched…… seriously it’s damn relatable.

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  2. The Accuracy πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘true af

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  4. Dammmm.. Sooo accurate

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  5. Too good
    Going marvellously amazing

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  6. It was so beautifully written..
    Justifying the stupidity of Antonio and Bassanio, anger and hatred of Shylock, witty nature of Portia and outgoing nature of Launcelot..

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  7. Lovely beta …. such a mature and beautiful lines…. keep it up..!!

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  8. Very well expressed… Keep it up

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  9. Can i know I am all these people and more , can i listen to my inner voice inspite of the shor….

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    1. you might me some of these…or all…but as u said…inner voice will only tell u

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      1. we all carry lights and shadows and owning them sets us free , seeing them makes us vulnerable and forgiving and showing them makes us authentic…

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    2. And see how my mind breaks oneness , creates right and wrong , police and chor ….

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