THE MERCHANT OF VENICE …a human thesaurus!!

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE …a human thesaurus!!

We can find people like Shylock who have hatred and anger which they can justify;

a few Antonios who in confidence invites the trouble for the friendship they glorify.

So many Bassanio in line who can spend everything they have and get ready to gather ;

a less count of people posing prowess of Portia, and even less to compete the wisdom of her father.

A few have good luck to find a friend like Nerissa -who for all ur breakings can be a tape;

Number of Lorenzo and Jessica ready to escape– finding comfort in each other’s shape.

Many really funny– and now the word funny reminds me only of Launcelot’s silly word cheat;

Β A group of Morocco to risk at look, followed by people like Aragon in whose heart pride beat .

Continuous speech of Gratiano–a common sight of talking heap;

Β Few friends like Salanio, Salarino and others to peep .

Such is the great diverse world around ,

all characters just in one book bound!!

25 responses to “THE MERCHANT OF VENICE …a human thesaurus!!”

  1. It was so beautifully written..
    Justifying the stupidity of Antonio and Bassanio, anger and hatred of Shylock, witty nature of Portia and outgoing nature of Launcelot..

    Liked by 1 person

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