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A beautiful pause for a cause!!

Not always you can continue to run in a race,

sometimes you need to slow down your pace,

to calm and find for yourself a little space,

but be careful because once spoilt , the story of life cannot be erased.

Wish I could sit on a chair,

and the have the beautiful sky to stare.

The gentle blowing air,

wish I could feel it in my hair.

I want to give me some time,

write poems and listen to tingling chime.

Time to do things I love.

observe a tree swaying and a flying dove.

In this world of work not always I want to sit on my work chair,

to do a miracle rare,

but instead to keep my mind clear,

and gather enough strength to fight all my fear.

The aims are not same,

some in competition ,some in a game,

earn their own deserved fame.

If you are not good at something,

there’s nothing of shame,

and never let yourself to blame,

your own self,the same.

When you are not feeling it,

I have for u a simple hack,

just take a break and bounce back.

Somtimes just a little pause,

can help you to figure out the cause.

Not every pause is a fullstop.

So dont hestitate to take a break,

maybe that can help you to make,

a still pillar which usually in your heart shake💯


2 responses to “A beautiful pause for a cause!!”

  1. Good reminders… we all need to pause and take a step back from the race, and think what we want and what will make us happy, and continue OR change the course of our path, whichever will take us to the right goal – true happiness, inner contentment.

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